December 27th 2007 Update

December 27th 2007 Update

Step was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Connecticut a week before Christmas. He had been battling a parasitic infestation, which resulted in a severely compromised bodily state. He was in critical condition, weighing 87 pounds and unable to stand up or walk. His kidneys and liver had suffered tremendously and were deteriorating.

Step’s goal was to be able to walk by Christmas day. After several days of TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) IV treatments, Step’s weight increased by several pounds, and he was able to take a few steps by Christmas eve. His triumph was shadowed by other setbacks, including a urinary tract infection for which he was catheterized, and a salmonella infection in his blood. He received antibiotic treatment for both conditions.

Today (December 26th), Step managed to walk down the hall of the hospital today. Although this was a major accomplishment, Step had to also receive two blood transfusions to counteract a recently discovered red blood cell deficiency, possibly secondary to abnormal bone marrow function.

Step’s steadfast spiritual strength has carried him throughout this incredible ordeal, and he continues to tackle this set of challenges with bravery, and emotional support from family and all of you; please keep him in your prayers. Stephen looks forward to talking with you when he recovers his strength and sends his love.