April 2008 Update

April 2008 Update

(written by his Mom)

Just when Step felt he was emerging from the struggle to regain his health, he faced a bout with food poisoning, then started to feel extremely tired, periodically nauseous and having severe daily headaches. Lab tests revealed anemia, another urinary tract infection, and more parasites ( fluke and roundworm) and metals . The doctor in Boston with whom Step is working feels that his adrenals must be strengthened before his body can tolerate the powerful medicines that attack the parasites.

Needless to say, Step has become very discouraged with the continual setbacks despite his best efforts to eat well, and balance rest and exercise. The good news is that his weight gain has brought him into the 130lb. range and he looks so much better than several months ago.

Because of these recent issues, Step is still weak, thus requested help in updating his Carepage and wanted to ask his family and friends to support him once again with prayers . He knows the road to complete recovery is rocky and arduous, but sometimes reassurance that he can make it is needed. This is one of those times when the fear that “a normal life” will elude him is everpresent.

That said, we are all grateful that he has come as far as he has , and celebrate the life he shares with us every day, whether in person, by phone, or in spirit. The pink-oranges of the setting sun which spill out over the lake most nights, the sparkling drop of water on a canoe paddle, the splash of a beaver’s tail, the wind swirling crackly winter leaves, or the early morning bird songs as he walks to the mailbox for the newspaper little pleasures , but ones that restore the soul.

Thanks for being here for Step and caring for him in your thoughts.