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We created a unique experience for you. allows us to use the LIGHT within, and our POWER, TRUTH, and WISDOM with which each of us were born, to affect simple yet profound change.

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The beautiful act of choosing to send, or requesting to receive, a blessing is made possible here with the click of a button. BLESS.COM allows those who seek comfort or caring a safe, sacred space to do so. BLESS.COM is a place for those who wish to assist humanity and the world with blessings. A simple, direct place to come and share blessings with others. Whether you are in need of blessings or have excess to share, this is the place to do so in complete privacy, in comfort, at any time of the night or day.

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The Essence of Blessing

Bless: The roots of the word stem from Old English. Bletsian, "to consecrate by a religious rite, make holy, give thanks." Further translations resulted in our present interpretation of blessings meaning to speak well, praise, or wish goodness. Whether the action of blessing is practiced according to its root or its modern branch, it is in both instances a practice of pouring gratitude and love outward into the universe.


By sending blessings, we increase the love vibration of the entire energetic construct of the universe. In requesting blessings, we express gratitude in a completely non-self serving manner by placing our trust in the deep ability of the universe and of our Creator, to respond and provide. The faith, trust, hope, and love of the process of blessing and asking for blessing equal energetic transference of love multiplied in an extremely powerful, and deeply beneficial, way.


To bless others, then, is to not only give gratitude, but to heal and deepen the positive universal neural pathways of goodness, love, divine beauty, light, within any broken, over-trodden, fragile or bumpy pathways. To bless is to lay a new path of instant healing and comfort. To request a blessing is to send a work order to the universe that a path needs attention. In blessing, we not only strengthen previously existing paths of good energy, but we then negate paths of bad energy and instantly replace them with strength. To bless, then, is to heal the universe.

Alchemy of Love

When we think of blessing someone, the thought of a quiet sanctuary, place of worship, or a private room comes to mind. To bless is to bestow our highest desire of peace, healing, love, and kindness on something other than ourselves. Ceremonies, illness, tragedies, happy celebrations, acts of kindness. All are blessed. All are different experiences, but contain the same act of blessing. We quiet our mind and ask God to send assistance or gratitude to someone, something, or some situation we know or care about. We ask outside of ourselves for those who are hurting or in need, or we bless that which we are thankful for.

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Bless Wall

While blessing is usually done within our hearts and minds, and is not publicized or broadcast unless it is performed as a group saying a prayer of blessing together or an outspoken source of surprise and joy. When we verbalize, "Well bless you for doing that", or "What a blessing you are", or "Bless this food.", these are also ways to call the energetic union of blessing into play.

December 27th 2007 Update

December 27th 2007 Update

Step was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Connecticut a week before Christmas. He had been battling a parasitic infestation, which resulted in a severely compromised bodily state. He was in critical condition, weighing...

Step Sinatra Comments Off on December 27th 2007 Update
I can’t say it enough..

I can’t say it enough..

Hello, everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. As always, I want to thank you for the prayers and continued support. My Aunt Carla recently sent me such an inspiring card and...

Step Sinatra Comments Off on I can’t say it enough..
April 2008 Update

April 2008 Update

(written by his Mom) Just when Step felt he was emerging from the struggle to regain his health, he faced a bout with food poisoning, then started to feel extremely tired, periodically nauseous and...

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May 2008 Update

May 2008 Update

Hello everyone! I am so thankful to be writing to all of you at this moment. No doubt, this life-changing experience is the hardest but also the most rewarding thing I have ever had...

Step Sinatra Comments Off on May 2008 Update


Dear God, please send Connecticut some sun besides Mohegan!

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Just found this amazing website. Thank you, Google, for that!

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Blessings Sent

At its core, blessing is the ultimate alchemy of love. For it is only with the desire to see others not suffer or with the eyes of appreciation that seek nothing for ourselves, which we call on the act of blessing. A blessing, then, whether sent or received, is an act of pure love.

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Using to send or receive a blessing, is a way to increase the positive energy of love. It is instant alchemy. The string theory of the heart and soul. is honored to provide a base for those wishing to send more blessings into the world. Won't you join us?


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